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The process of receiving orders from a web store or online shopping cart, as well as picking, packing, and shipping them to customers across the globe is called e-commerce fulfillment. Since this type of fulfillment takes place online, it differs other forms of fulfillment such as marketing and collateral fulfillment (orders will be shipped to internal business locations or employees), retail fulfillment (orders will be shipped directly to business retail locations), and other business to business fulfillment services (orders are delivered to businesses; not consumers).

To help you understand what fulfillment is, let us talk about the three most common types of fulfillment services:

  • E-commerce fulfillment: This is the process of receiving orders from an e-commerce website as well as the shipping, packing, and picking of merchandise for customers across the globe. The act of fulfilling orders that took place online is known as e-commerce fulfillment.
  • Business to Consumer fulfillment: Also known as B2C fulfillment, this type of fulfillment refers to the fulfillment of orders to consumers rather than a business. Huge emphasis is placed on speed and accuracy in shipping as well as the provision of special features that guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Business to Business fulfillment: Also known as B2B fulfillment, this type of fulfillment refers to shipping in bulk supply for businesses. Businesses that require this service often procure products in advance so they don’t have to buy items on a daily basis. They may also need to supply merchandise and goods to another company for resale purposes.

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