About Our Company

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Us?

- We work with small volume sellers as well as large volume sellers, so do not worry if you have only 30 units or 80 000 units for sale - we can help!

- We work Monday to Saturday, and Sunday by request, so all orders placed by 12pm EST will be dispatched SAME DAY.

- We can receive your inventory in our warehouse and store it, and you can either give us limited access to your account(just to be able to generate shipping labels), or you can send us shipping labels and an order list every day and we will package your orders and dispatch them on that day. In case you give us access, every day after 12pm EST we log in into your account and ship all the orders without any assistance from you, and you can just review everything at the end of the day.

- You will have 24/7 cloud access to the count of your inventory in our warehouse so you will know 100% what is available for sale at any given moment, so that you accurately manage your inventory levels and avoid selling an item which is out of stock!

Why Choose Us

24/7 availability
Precision fulfillment
Specialized in small to medium sized items
Cost-effective service
Care towards each client's individual needs
Debit & Credit Cards accepted
Free consultation

Price List

eBay/Amazon FBM/Shopify/BigCommerce Order Fulfillment


The price has 4 parts - storage, pick&pack, packaging, shipping charge.
1. Storage - $1.66 per day per 6ft tall pallet or less than a pallet - negotiable based on business volume!
2. Pick&Pack - $1 per …

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Amazon FBA


Starting at $0.50 flat rate for FBA prep - you send us 1000 units(like books for example), final cost - $500, and done within 2 business days!



Inspection starts at $1, repackaging starts at $0.45

Once we receive your returns in our warehouse, what will follow is a careful inspection for signs of use and any damage. If item can be resold as New, we repackage it, if packaging is torn by the …

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Areas Covered

All of the United States