About Us

MGG Expert Services was started in 2018 in Tampa, FL by founders rooted in eCommerce who experienced firsthand the challenges of online fulfillment. 

Recognizing a need for simple, easy, and affordable fulfillment services, MGG Expert Services was built to help Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands grow and thrive. Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment is still at the core of what we do at MGG. And we do it really well! But we’ve grown along with our clients’ needs for multichannel services like retail fulfillment, Amazon prep services, inventory management, and other value-added services. 

We’ve also expanded our footprint, growing to almost 30 000 sq. ft. facility in Hamilton Township, NJ. Our clients come from a range of industries, including cosmetics, pet products, electronics, apparel - and we’re particularly well-known for our expertise in health and wellness. 

We’re committed to delivering a seamless experience to your customers – and you can always rely on us for friendly, accessible client support.