Price List

Orders Fulfillment

eBay/Amazon FBM/Shopify/BigCommerce Order Fulfillment


The price has 4 parts - storage, pick&pack, packaging, shipping charge.
1. Storage - $1.66 per day per 6ft tall pallet or less than a pallet - negotiable based on business volume!
2. Pick&Pack - $1 per unit
3. Packaging – bubble mailer polybags or cardboard boxes starting at $0.50
4. Shipping charge - each order is different, when we generate your shipping labels, you will pay for shipping directly through your account. BUT, since we dispatch orders 6 days a week, you can use USPS First Class for any small packages and your orders will reach your clients within 3 days in 99% of cases!

Amazon FBA


Starting at $0.50 flat rate for FBA prep - you send us 1000 units(like books for example), final cost - $500, and done within 2 business days!



Inspection starts at $1, repackaging starts at $0.45

Once we receive your returns in our warehouse, what will follow is a careful inspection for signs of use and any damage. If item can be resold as New, we repackage it, if packaging is torn by the customer, you could send us new branded packaging and we will use it to revert the item back to Brand new condition and then you can resell it as a new item. We can also wash, clean, fix, and do anything that is needed to recycle Returns back for sale as Brand New.